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On a lovely sunny September day in 2007, after an extended and stressful workday, I took a left turn that forever changed my life. It had been a like most other work days day. I was prepared to go back home, make some dinner, and obtain settled for the night time – but that never happened.

I picked up my mobile phone to call a friend, when I did on most days after finishing up work. She and I also chatted for a few minutes and then ended our conversation.

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I pulled away from my parking spot, turned out of the parking lot, then proceeded to the stop sign that is next. While looking both ways I noticed a white truck within the far distance and proceeded to roll forward and make the left turn. When I turned I was t-boned in the front driver side by the white truck, which turned into a Ford F-450 commercial truck. All I remember hearing was the rumbling of crushing metal.

Of course my car that is beloved that had worked so difficult for appeared as if totaled.

All of my airbags deployed, my front windshield was smashed in, the driver’s window was broken, my key jammed in the ignition, and I also was unconscious. Once I came to my first reaction was hysterics. I looked available for one minute, heard voices speaking with me, I quickly felt an pain that is unbearable my right hand. As I looked down at my hand I realized that it appeared as if separated from my wrist. Moments later I heard a gentleman (firefighter) behind me telling me that everything was going to be okay and that he needed me to stay calm, not move my head, and that I was likely to hear lots of loud noise. (more…)

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